NFJG Junior Prep TOUR

This program is designed to certify your junior player for the NFJG Junior TOUR and for higher level golf opportunities through the professional teaching and mentoring of the NFJG TOUR and other associated teaching staff.

All juniors 13 years of age and younger must  be certified for the NFJGTOUR status.

Once a player registers to become a member of the NFJGTOUR the staff will verify the “tournament ready” status of the applicant and approve or request the applicant attend a PREP TOUR certification session. Certifications may be completed at all schedule tournaments or on other scheduled days. Your junior player will be evaluated based on their skill level, rules, etiquette and knowledge of the game. Once certified the player may then be approved for membership.

The Executive Officer or Tournament Operations Manager may waive this requirement on a case-by-case basis.

If a player does not become certified then they will be invited to attend a PREP TOUR instruction class.  Students will develop their skill level, learn important golf course management, etiquette and USGA Rules. The juniors will be given group and one-on-one instruction, learn the rules of golf and develop on-course golf management as they prepare for the NFJG Junior Tour.

Juniors will learn all aspects of the game including the most important “Short Game” including chip shots, pitch shots, bunker play and putting. They will learn the Rules of Golf and ready themselves for tournament competition.

Caddie classes for parents will also be available as per schedule.


NFJG Prep Clinics Agenda  (may be modified)

Topics of discussion:

• Order of Play
• Speed of Play
• Etiquette


• Out of Bounds
• Lost Ball
• Provisional Ball
• Penalty Areas
• Unplayable Lie
• Wrong Ball
• Embedded Ball
• Ball moves after Address
• Identifying your Ball.