Special Programs

Special Programs


special programs

The NFJGF shares many fun and competitive golfing events in efforts to raise needed funds for our junior program. Below are events which benefit from the fundraising efforts. Events highlighted are fun filled fundraising events.

The North Florida Junior Golf Foundation is proud to develop and coordinate the North Florida Middle School Golf Program. Annually (March-May) middle schools throughout the Jacksonville area (without a funded golf program) are invited to participate in this great program. We are able to provide this outstanding GROWTH OF THE GAME initiative with funds raised through the sale of PGATOUR sponsor tickets to THE PLAYERS  and through grants provided by the Florida Junior Golf Council  via the sale of  license plates. You can help this effort by purchasing a golfing license plate (anytime) or PLAYERS ticket (December-May).

Annually as many as 18 middle schools from area counties (Clay, Duval and Nassau) have come together to help grow the game of golf for our youngsters (boys and girls). The schools are coordinated into groups and meet weekly at various local clubs for instruction and on-course play.  These clubs have included: Blue Sky Golf Club, Blue Cypress Golf Club, Brentwood Golf Club, Hidden Hills Golf Club, Windsor Parke Golf Club and the University of North Florida’s John Hayt Golf Learning Center and will include other outstanding venues like TPC Sawgrass, Deercreek Country Club, Deerwood Country Club and Marsh Landing Country Club.  Our teaching staff includes Coaches from each of the participating schools and PGA and LPGA Professionals.

If interested please contact Jack Aschenbach, PGA at jackaschenbach@pga.com or call (904) 868-9535. Schools will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Teaching Staff:

  • Jack Aschenbach, PGA – Executive Director
  • Phil Argianas, PGA
  • Susan Waite, PGA 
  • Lynne Kirkpatrick, LPGA

Contact us in Jacksonville, Florida, to learn more about your options for membership in our junior golf foundation.

This program is designed to certify your junior player for the NFJG Junior TOUR and for higher level golf opportunities through the professional teaching and mentoring of the NFJG TOUR and other associated teaching staff.

All juniors 13 years of age and younger must  be certified for the NFJGTOUR status.

Prior to a player registering to become a member of the NFJGTOUR the player will be required to be certified. The staff will verify the “tournament ready” status of the applicant and approve or request the applicant attend a PREP TOUR certification session. Certifications may be completed at all schedule tournaments or on other scheduled days. Your junior player will be evaluated based on their skill level, rules, etiquette and knowledge of the game. Once certified the player may then be approved for membership.

The Executive Officer or Tournament Operations Manager may waive this requirement on a case-by-case basis.

If a player does not become certified, then they will be invited to attend a PREP TOUR instruction class.  

Students will develop their skill level, learn important golf course management, etiquette and USGA Rules. The juniors will be given group and one-on-one instructions, learn the rules of golf and develop on-course golf management as they prepare for the NFJG Junior Tour. 

“Summer Camps” will be offered between the months of June and August each season. These camps will be six to eight hours a day, four days a week, Tuesday-Friday and have a maximum limit of 15 juniors. 

In addition, certification may also be achieved during our “North Florida Middle School Golf Program” during the months of February to May each year. See your school athletic coordinator to become involved.

Juniors will learn all aspects of the game including the most important “Short Game” including chip shots, pitch shots, bunker play and putting. They will learn the Rules of Golf and ready themselves for tournament competition.

Caddie classes for parents will also be available as per schedule.




NFJG Prep Clinics Agenda  (may be modified)

  •        Sign in at UNF Golf Complex
  •        Clinic Preview
  •        Warm up Driving Range/swing instruction
  •        Warm up Short Game/techniques
  •        Course Management – Play 2-3 Holes

Topics of discussion:

• Order of Play
• Speed of Play
• Etiquette


• Out of Bounds
• Lost Ball
• Provisional Ball
• Penalty Areas
• Unplayable Lie
• Wrong Ball
• Embedded Ball
• Ball moves after Address
• Identifying your Ball.

  • Summary with questions and answers
    Evaluation of the Player

Join the North Florida Junior Golf Foundation’s Hole-N-One Champion’s Club and become a PROUD supporter of junior golf and the NFJGF. Join today and put your name on record in our history books for all to see. Your support will help fund area junior golf programs such as our four-county middle school program, scholarships, and higher-level golf opportunities for our kids. Additionally, your donation will help grow the game. Thank You for doing your part!

For only a $25.00 donation you will become a member of the NFJG Foundation Hole-In-One Champion’s Club. This is a one-time membership fee. For this donation your name and HIO information will be recorded on the NFJG Foundation website and linked to NFJG Foundation promotion materials and forever shared. With your membership you will become eligible for all HIO special programs. New HIO Champion members will be highlighted upon joining via our monthly newsletter and on the foundation website.

With a generous donation of $200.00 you will receive a unique “Hole-N-One ringwith details of your historic shot, a HIOC Shirt and HIOC hat. The ring is “SUPER BOWL” size measuring 1″x1″x1 1/4″. The “RING” will bear the one of a kind HIO Logo and your name and details of your historic shot on the inside cover of black display case. Your name will also be displayed on the NFJG Foundation/Tours website for all to see identifying you as a member of the club and supporter of the Foundation and Tour.

For more information, please call Executive Director Jack Aschenbach, PGA at (904) 969-9535 or email jackaschenbach@pga.com