Quick Questions

Frequently asked questions over the years

The NFJG has been around for over 25 years assuring a solid stable program for any junior golfer.

Our website, www.nfjg.org is where you start. Look for the tab JOIN TODAY, click there and you are on your way.

Our season starts October 1 and runs through August 31st.

Basically we start at 7 years of age. However, we understand that there are exceptions to every rule and will evaluate any serious candidate.

Everything is done via the website using your credit card. A member will sign in using his/her password and proceed to the tournament schedule. Click on register to play. Players will receive confirmation once their entry has been confirmed.

All tee times and any special notifications regarding the tournament are emailed directly to the player. Additionally, tee times are posted on our website by going to the schedule and clicking on the event.

Yes, our spectator rules can be found in the Member Handbook. Caddies are permitted for players 12 years of age and younger. This privilege may be taken away at any time.

Contact us in Jacksonville, Florida, to use the resources at our junior golf foundation. Our organization offers training and junior golf tournaments for each of our members.