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As a member of the North Florida Junior Golf Foundation in Jacksonville, Florida, your junior tour player will have the opportunity to enjoy numerous special programs and incentive. One of these special programs is the Hole-In-One Program designed to reward the Hole-In-One Achiever and the Members of the Club.

Introduced during the 2014-2015 NFJG TOUR season this incentive program provides many benefits and we hope you find it worthwhile and a benefit for you to join.

During our 2013-2014 season two of our outstanding and talented NFJG TOUR players had the experience of a life time by hitting the perfect shot. Will Davis and Alex Whitehead are now and forever on the World list of those achieving the majestic Hole-In-One honors. Known as the Hole-In-One insurance, our program will provide outstanding benefits to our next and future ACE recipients and the Members of the CLUB. By joining the CLUB you too will be eligible for these benefits.

During our 2015-2016 season two perfect shots were struck. Our first was by Eric Poehlman, who was not in the HIO Club and our second HIO was by Jacob Saarela who was. The HIO Club Members and Parents enjoyed dinner at Mellow Mushroom and Jacob went shopping afterwards with his $750 Gift Certificate at World Golf Village – Slammer and Squire.

During the 2016 – 2017 season two hole-in-ones were achieved by Isabel Matos and Kaitlyn Schroeder, but both players were not in the HIO Program.

Registration deadline ends December 30th of each new tournament season for all enrolled NFJG Foundation Members and 30 days after registration for all NEW NFJG Foundation Members.

Active Members of the HIO Program

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Contact us today to register for our next junior golf tournaments. Our junior golf foundation hosts a number of events for members throughout Jacksonville, Florida.