Hole-In-One Club




Join the North Florida Junior Golf Foundation's Hole-N-One Club and become a PROUD supporter of the NFJGF. Join today and put your name on record in our history books.

With your generous donation of $100.00 you will receive a unique “Hole-N-One ring with details of your historic shot. The ring is "SUPER BOWL" size measuring 1"x1"x1 1/4". The "RING" will bear the one of a kind HIO Logo and your name and details of your historic shot on the inside of black carrying case. Your name will also be displayed on the NFJG Foundation/Tours website for all to see identifying you as a member of the club and supporter of the  Foundation and Tour.

Additionally you will be given the option to purchase:

  • NFJG Foundation/Tour Hole-N-One hat ($50.00)
  • NFJG Foundation/Tour Hole-N-One Shirt ($75.00)

For more information please call Executive Director Jack Aschenbach, PGA at (904) 969-9535 or email jackaschenbach@pga.com