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Join the North Florida Junior Golf Foundation’s Hole-N-One Club and become a PROUD supporter of junior golf and the NFJGF. Join today and put your name on record in our history books for all to see. Your support will help fund area junior golf programs such as our four county middle school program, scholarships, and higher level golf opportunities for our kids. Additionally, your donation will help grow the game. Thank You for doing your part!


For only a $25.00 donation you will become a member of the NFJG Foundation Hole-In-One Club. This is a one time membership fee. For this donation your name and HIO information will be recorded on the NFJG Foundation website and linked to NFJG Foundation promotion materials and forever place on the NFJGF website. With your membership you will become eligible for all HIO special programs.


With a generous donation of $200.00 you will receive a unique “Hole-N-One ring  with details of your historic shot. The ring is “SUPER BOWL” size measuring 1″x1″x1 1/4″. The “RING” will bear the one of a kind HIO Logo and your name and details of your historic shot on the inside cover of black display case. Your name will also be displayed on the NFJG Foundation/Tours website for all to see identifying you as a member of the club and supporter of the  Foundation and Tour.

Additionally you will receive:

  • NFJG Foundation/Tour Hole-N-One hat
  • NFJG Foundation/Tour Hole-N-One Shirt

For more information please call Executive Director Jack Aschenbach, PGA at (904) 969-9535 or email jackaschenbach@pga.com