Effective October 18, 2020

Local Rules and Terms of the Competition

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The current Rules of the United States Golf Association and The R&A govern play, Code of Conduct, Policies for additional Local Rules and Conditions. Complete text of Rules may be found in the current “Rules of Golf” and “Committee Procedures.”

Disregard Local Rules printed on club scorecards or posted at the course.

Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for breach of a Local Rule or Condition is the general penalty.

Local Rules

Out of Bounds: 

  1. Defined by course-side points, at ground level, of white stakes, lines and perimeter fence posts.
  2. When a paved road or curb defines out of bounds, a ball that is on or beyond the road or curb is out of bounds even though it may lie on another part of the golf course.

Penalty Areas:

  1. When a penalty area is bounded by out of bounds, the penalty area edge extends to and coincides with the out of bounds line.
  2. When a penalty area coincides with the out of bounds line the Local Rule B-2 is in effect allowing an additional relief option on the opposite side of a red penalty area equidistant to the reference point.


  1. White lined areas of ground under repair tying into immovable obstructions are treated as a single obstruction.
  2. When the outside edge (non-golf course side) of a road or path defines the edge of a penalty area or out of bounds, the road or path is an immovable obstruction.

Ground Under Repair:  Defined by white lines.  Other areas of ground under repair, even when not marked, include:

  1. French drains (trenches filled with stones or the like)
  2. Large or hard ant hills on the course

Drop Area: Drop areas on every golf course will be the most forward tee box on all par-3s. There will be no drop areas on Par-4s or Par-5s.

Edging Grooves Near Putting Greens:  The edging grooves around the aprons or fringes of putting greens are ground under repair. If a player’s ball lies in or touches a groove or a groove interferes with the area of intended swing:

  1. Ball in General Area:  The player may take free relief under Rule 16.1b (drop a ball).
  2. Ball on Putting Green:  The player may take free relief under Rule 16.1d (place a ball)

Immovable Obstructions Close to Putting Green:  Relief is available only when the ball and the immovable obstruction lie in a closely-mown area, the ball lies in the general area, and an immovable obstruction on or within two club-lengths of the putting green and within two club-lengths of the ball intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole. (Drop ball within one club-length of complete relief)

Integral Objects:

  1. When located within penalty areas, artificial walls and pilings are integral objects unless otherwise provided for in the Notice to Players.
  2. When closely attached to trees, wrappings, electrical wire, and cables are integral objects.

Seams of Cut Turf:  If a player’s ball lies in or touches a seam of cut turf or a seam interferes with the player’s area of intended swing:

  1. Ball in General Area: The player may drop a ball under Rule 16.1b
  2. Ball on Putting Green: The player may place a ball under Rule 16.1d

Interference does not exist if the seam only interferes with the player’s stance

Loose Impediments: Wood chips and mulch are loose impediments.

List of Conforming Driver Heads and Golf Balls:  Optional restrictions under Section 8 of the Committee Procedures are in effect. Model Local Rules G-1 and G-3.

Broken or Significantly Damaged Club:  Local Rule as prescribed in the Clarifications to the 2019 Rules of Golf is in effect. Model Local Rule G-9.

Back-On-The-Line Relief:  Local Rule as prescribed in the Clarifications to the 2019 Rules of Golf is in effect. Model Local Rule E-12.

Transportation:  When players are required to walk, a player who will play, or has played under stroke and distance is authorized to ride on motorized transportation.

Pace of Play: See NFJG TOUR policy

Stopping and Resuming Play: Optional condition as prescribed in Model Local Rule J-1 is in effect. All practice areas are closed during suspension for a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open. Failure to comply may result in revocation of entry.

Discontinue Play Immediately: One prolonged signal note.
Discontinue Play: Three consecutive short signal notes, repeated.
Resume Play: Two short signal notes, repeated.

Terms of the Competition

Close of Competition: The competition is final when the winner has been announced, or, in the absence of a prize ceremony, when all scores have been approved by the Committee.

Final Instruction: The Starter, prior to the start of play will announce any additional rules or changes to policy.