The Rules of the United States Golf Association govern play, including local rules on the Notice to Competitors (Rules Sheet), which is distributed at every event prior to commencing play.


All spectators are to adhere to the following guidelines:

Spectators are asked to:

Spectators are not permitted to:

Please remember that part of the player’s experience with NFJG is a learning experience. Therefore, spectators are not allowed to interfere with the assessment of penalties and/or score keeping. If a spectator or competitor has a score or ruling question they should ask for assistance from a tournament official or if a tournament official is not present used the “second ball rule”

Cell Phones:

Cell phones are not appropriate on the golf course (except for rules situations and emergencies). Please set your phone to silent. If you must make a call please leave the course. Please keep in mind that some courses do not permit the use of cell phones.


All spectators should be appropriately dressed. Please refer to the Code of Conduct; Attire section of the Member Handbook. Please act appropriately and be appreciative of the staff and host facility.

Spectator carts may be permitted – please check with the registration at each event.