The Rules of the United States Golf Association govern play, including local rules on the Notice to Competitors (Rules Sheet), which is distributed at every event prior to commencing play.


If time permits, all ties for 1st place will be played off. In the event of ties and time does not permit for a playoff, USGA Scorecard guidelines will be used.   NFJG uses the last nine total, last six-hole total, last three-hole total, 18th and finally the coin toss to break ties. Ties for first place will determine first or second place. If multiple players (3 or more players), play-off tie breakers will be used to determine 1st place all other places will be determined by a scorecard play-off.  Any other ties will split. Tie breakers will determine who will receive an award at the end of the event. Single day events 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Web.com Junior Players Tour events 1st and 2nd plus overall if divisions are combined.