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Northern Florida's Junior Golf Foundation

The North Florida Junior Golf Foundation is the area's only not-for-profit organization committed to providing opportunities to junior golfers interested in gaining experience in junior golf tournaments and/or to compete for the love of the game. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the NFJG Foundation runs the only area's premier Junior Golf Tour and is the only junior tour sponsored by the PGA Tour,, The Tom Burnett Golf Academy, and the Northern Chapter PGA.

Endorsed by PGA Professionals of the Northern Chapter, North Florida Section of the PGA, The NFJG has several tours designed to fit junior players' specific game level:

The Vision

The North Florida Junior Golf Foundation is the pinnacle organization for junior golf in the North Florida area. The Board of Directors, Tournament Director, staff, and volunteers will work with the golf community to develop and operate a junior golf tour that is professional, positive and champions the journey of junior golfers in developing their game. The organization and members will grow in size and standards to meet the needs of this junior golf community. The Board will function as the policy maker, oversee the operations of the organization and fulfill the strategic plan. The Committees will drive the major functions of the organization to reach out in the community and bring in the necessary resources to continually move NFJGF in a forward direction as an advocate of junior golf. NFJGF will hire, support, and financially compensate professionals to run events and operate the infrastructure of the organization. The NFJGF is well known to all in the golf community – local professionals, golf professionals, golf course members, country club members, public and private school golf teams and coaches, and parents and backers of junior golf.

The Mission

NFJGF provides local junior golfers, ages 7-18, an opportunity to be a member of the organization which will allow them to play in competitive tournaments that are affordable, professional and are consistent with the USGA Rules of Golf and the Conditions of Competition. The tournaments and events provide an opportunity for junior golfers to build a solid foundation, gain tournament experience, and compete among their peers for the love of the game. The experience will help prepare junior golfers, if they so desire, to compete in any State or National event. NFJGF will also promote, fund, and manage a scholarship. NFJGF will strive to provide scholarships to junior golfers that have participated as a member, uphold the values of the organization, and pursue a degree at an accredited college or university.

The Values

The values governing NFJGF will be to operate the organization and impact young people with integrity, honesty, and fairness. We will promote the values of self-esteem and pride in our events, with our members, among each other and the community. Our decisions will be made with an objective, fact-based thought process. We will work together to nurture independent thinking, which fosters taking responsibility for one’s own actions.

Contact our junior golf foundation in Jacksonville, Florida, to explore our resources for your young player. We provide local children and teens with information about junior golf tournaments.

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In The Spotlight

Colleen, Clay, Johnny, James Clay, Cody, Lacey and Cade

One of the great things about being the Executive Director of the North Florida Junior Golf Foundation and Tour is that I have the distinct pleasure of meeting and knowing many great diversified junior players, their parents, grandparents and siblings. It’s truly an honor to give back and recognize one of the many families who have given so much. So, for this “In the Spotlight” moment I would like to recognize and showcase a family of golfers who have blessed the NFJG TOUR with their outstanding support, pleasant demeanors, outstanding smiles and extraordinary golf talent. The “Tucker Family”.

With the family so enriched in golf, “Where to begin!!!!” Wow! Is right. How about we start with the parents.

Clay was born & raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He attended the University of North Florida and then graduate school at the University of Southern California. Clay is the Chief Operating Officer at Modis here in Jacksonville. Colleen was born in Seattle, Washington and was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended the University of Pittsburgh and is a Proud Homemaker. Clay and Colleen have been married for 20 years & their biggest accomplishment among many has been raising their five children. Colleen is quoted as saying “It's the best job in the whole world :)”.

The “Tucker Family” – Dad Clay, Mom Colleen, and five outstanding junior tour players named Johnny, Lacey, James Clay, Cody and Cade have been on the NFJG TOUR since 2011. First busting on the scene was Johnny in 2011, then Lacey and James Clay in 2012 and then finally Cody in 2013. Cade to my understanding is working towards his debut on the TOUR and we should see him very soon.

In all, the family has competed in 164 NFJG TOUR events with 38 combined wins. Lacey with 13 wins, James Clay with 14 wins, Johnny with 8 wins and Cody with 3 wins.

Johnny, Lacey, Clay & Cody have all played school and community sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, flag football & volleyball but slowly turned their focus to golf as they became older. Cade is also following in their footsteps and is just now focusing more on golf as well. While the kids have played many sports growing up golf has always been the one sport they played consistently year round as a family. Their grandfather (John Tucker) has also been a huge influence in learning to play & love the game.

Johnny has been a big part of Bishop Kenny making back to back appearances for High School State golf, while Clay also had a great freshman year with a low score of 33 at one of the events. Lacey (a Bishop Kenny junior) is a 3 time High School State golf qualifier. Academically the team of Tuckers also get the Champions Trophy their GPA’s are truly outstanding with Johnny, a Senior) with 4.1, Lacey, a Junior with 3.7, James Clay, a Freshman with a 4.0 and Cody and Cade with straight A’s in 7th and 3rd grade respectively. Simply another reason to be so proud of all of them 🙂 Johnny has received a scholarship to play golf at Florida Southern this fall and Lacey & Clay have not yet decided where they would like to go, but would love to play golf at a division 1 or 2 school.

Low Scores and favorite golf courses:

• Johnny shot 68 at Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club and loves Willow Point (Alabama)
• Lacey shot 71 at Regionals (Blue Sky Golf Club) and favors Pinehurst
• Clay shot 69 at Palatka Golf Club and cheers for Pinehurst
• Cody shot 79 at Palatka Golf Club and champions Innisbrook - Island Course

When the Tuckers are not on the links golfing (which is not very often) they enjoy:
• Fishing - all
• Boating - all
• Surfing - Lacey, Clay & Cody
• Basketball- Johnny, Clay, Cody & Cade
• Soccer - Cade

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