Tour Levels

The NFJG TOUR will annually conduct (Oct-Aug) a Premier Tournament Series schedule consisting of a minimum 24 one/two day events along with additional specialty events within the North Florida area. Age Divisions will include Boys and Girls Foundation, ages 7-14, Boys 10-12, Boys 13-18,  and Girls 13-18. Age range may change based on membership statistics.

In order to provide a more competitive environment for junior players within their skill set the Tournament Series is divided into three levels. The levels are: Foundation TOUR, Rising TOUR and Elite TOUR. General guidelines for each division are established where the yardage and difficulty are adjusted based on skill level and scoring. Age levels are recommended age groups and subject to change based on membership demographics and player skill level. Divisions could be split (Rising/Elite) or combined at the ED discretion.

Each season will be split into three Tournament Series; Fall, Spring and Summer. Each series will have a minimum of eight one/two day events, but may include up to 12 events. Specialty formats will be added to each series as available. All events are open to NFJG TOUR members in good standing and invited guests when space is available. Each season will begin in early October and run through July or into early August. Guests of the NFJG are always welcome. Guests may experience and play in one NFJG event without becoming a NFJG TOUR Member (space available). Membership is required for any future events unless approved by the NFJG Foundation Executive Director (ED).

The NFJG annual membership is $150. Discounts may be available at the beginning of each season.

Please contact Jack Aschenbach, Executive Director with any questions or concerns at 904-868-9535 or send an email to

Thank You! and we look forward to you joining the North Florida Junior Golf Foundation.